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                  COMBINED COURSE:
Ministers of Word (Readers) & Communion

                    Formation & Training

Comprehensive formation & training for those
who serve as both Readers & Communion Ministers  at Mass.
Course includes a general introduction to liturgy, ministry and the Mass along with specific training for the ministries of Word & Communion.

Learn at YOUR pace, at times that suit YOU!

  • 4 Modules (4 hrs total)
  • Videos - short & engaging    
  • Curated readings
  • Downloadable Notes
  • Certificate on Completion

Course Benefits: 

• Learn about liturgy & ministry at home.
• Explore the role of your ministry & 
how it contributes to the whole liturgy.
• Study at your pace, in your time.

Topics include:

 •   Introduction to liturgy & ministry
 •   Structure of the Mass
 •   Lay liturgical ministry & the Mass
 •   Ministers of the Word specific training
•   Communion Ministers specific training

                  COMBINED COURSE: 
Ministers of Word (Readers) & Communion   

                       Formation & Training

15 Voucher Bundle available for this course.
$300.00 (20% discount)
Meet the FACILITAtor

Michael Mangan

Michael Mangan is the liturgy education consultant for Liturgy Brisbane. He is a liturgist, composer and educator who has degrees in arts/musicology and education along with a Master of Theology majoring in Liturgical Studies. Michael has over 250 liturgical music pieces published and he speaks and performs at conferences and events throughout Australia, NZ, the US and Canada. 
Patrick Jones - Course author